Haydn has an enviable track record of delivering demonstrable business benefits to clients, be it through the release of assets or metrics such as lowering operating costs.

School Trust: £3.5 million saving on building acquisition and other costs by more efficient use of existing assets

Investment Trust:  27uplift in the investment value of a retail centre prior to sale by key changes to the product offer

Airline:  32% reduction in the maintenance bays required for motor transport activities and thereby capital + running costs

Port Authority:  15% increase in the net to gross area ratio of a new office building and therefore its commercial viability  

‘’the result is spectacular, where we have moved from a retail centre stuck in the 1980s, transformed into an extremely clean 21st century concept. On time, on budget, delivery as good if not better than the client’s expectations, You should be extremely proud of such an achievement’’

Professor PY Gerbeau CEO X-Leisure Group